Eye Conditions

Eye Conditions

Eye Conditions

Eye Conditions

Eye Conditions

Your Eye Doctor Treats Eye Conditions

Your eyes have many moving parts which work together to give you vision. When just one of the muscles or parts isn’t in prime condition, it can affect how you see. Sometimes the cornea is irregular, which leads to blurriness. The iris may not let in enough light. Eyelids can get inflamed and irritated. Treatment is available for many different eye conditions that are uncomfortable and affect your vision. An optometrist studies the anatomy of the eye for many years to provide the best healthcare for your sight.

Eye Doctor Treats Eye Conditions

Common Eye Conditions

Adults and children can experience many different problems with their eyes. Many conditions are correctable and treatable. If you’ve been experiencing changes in your vision, make an appointment to see an optometrist. It could be one of these common conditions:

  • Lazy eye, known as amblyopia, is a common development issue in children

  • Blepharitis – Inflammation of the eyelid

  • Color blindness

  • Myopia, nearsightedness

  • Hyperopia, farsightedness

  • Drooping eyelids, or ptosis

  • Strabismus, crossed eyes

  • Astigmatism is an irregular cornea that causes blurriness at any distance

Find a Solution for Your Eye Problems

Today’s technology gives people even more treatment options. Contact lenses are more comfortable and easier to wear than ever before. There’s no need to have poor vision or struggle with sight when you can find solutions from your optometrist. Early treatment ensures you will have the vision you need for everyday life.

Don’t Suffer From Eye Discomfort

No one should be uncomfortable because of eye problems. Get treatment when you call Primary EyeCare​​​​​​​ at (320) 693-9333 (Litchfield), (320) 587-4744 (Hutchinson) or (763) 777-9393 (Delano) or contact us through our easy online form. We have solutions for all types of eye conditions to give you clear vision. Make annual eye exams part of your healthcare routine to ensure your eyes will last your lifetime.

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