Eye & Vision Emergency

Eye & Vision Emergency

Eye & Vision Emergency

Eye & Vision Emergency

Eye & Vision Emergency

Urgent Eye Care Services Preserve Vision

Eye infections, foreign objects in the eye, and eye injuries are all reasons to seek urgent eye care. Primary EyeCare provides treatment for eye and vision emergency cases. Prompt medical response is necessary to prevent damage to the eye and to preserve vision. Our optometrists, Dr. Hoppe and Dr. Trettin, along with the rest of our care teamwork quickly to help patients recover from many different time-sensitive eye health concerns.

Eye & Vision Emergency

Eye Vision Emergency

In case of an eye vision emergency contact our optometrist or visit the nearest Primary EyeCare location for cases of:

  • Eye infection

  • Irritating, scratchy feeling in the eye

  • Foreign objects in the eye

  • Sudden vision loss

  • Flashes of light, grey fog, or other visual anomalies

Rapid Care Makes a Difference

The eye is a sensitive, sophisticated organ that can be damaged by accident or as a result of an illness such as infection. Appropriate medical attention given at the right time helps preserve eye health and the well-being of patients. Some eye health problems might seem relatively mild but any new symptoms should be reported to a doctor, especially if the problem arose very suddenly. Pain, irritation, itching, redness, and excessive watering can indicate the presence of a small foreign object; an optometrist can identify the problem and work quickly to resolve it. Other conditions, such as retinal detachment, must be addressed as quickly as possible even if the patient is not experiencing any pain.

If You Have Urgent Eye Care Concerns, We Can Help

If you have a vision emergency or require urgent eye care, visit any Primary EyeCare location. You can reach our clinic staff at (320) 693-9333 (Litchfield), (320) 587-4744 (Hutchinson) or (763) 777-9393 (Delano).

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