Eye Care Terms

Eye Care Terms

Eye Care Terms

Eye Care Terms

Eye Care Terms

At Primary EyeCare, we provide annual eye exams to give a firm foundation for a lifetime of healthy vision. It is necessary to be aware of inherent eye care issues to help you become an advocate for your healthy sight.

Common Eye Care Terms

While not a comprehensive eye care glossary, this list of eye definitions and terms covers many common eye care conditions to discuss with your optometrist.

  • Astigmatism: The eye cannot focus light evenly in every direction due to the shape of the crystalline lens or an abnormally shaped cornea.

  • Cataract: Clouding of the crystalline lens makes it difficult for light to filter through and focus correctly.

  • Dry Eye Syndrome: Itching, irritation, and burning, often called dry eye syndrome.

  • Floaters and Spots: Small specks drift subtly but noticeably in your vision field.

  • Glaucoma: A preventable cause of vision loss caused by excessive pressure that damages the optic nerve.

  • Macular Degeneration: Deterioration of the macula, causing loss of central vision required for sharp, clear eyesight.

  • Myopia: Nearsightedness that causes distant objects appear blurry, but objects up close are clear.

  • Nyctalopia: Night blindness is impaired vision in darkness or dim light or darkness.

  • Presbyopia: Around age 40, the aging crystalline lens becomes unable to change shape to focus light at all distances, particularly up close.

  • Pterygium: A raised growth often related to overexposure to the sun.

  • Strabismus: Lack of coordination between the eyes, in one or both eyes, resulting in crossed eyes.

  • Visual Acuity: Assessment of the eye’s capability to distinguish object shapes and details that is numerically expressed, such as 20/20.

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