Eyeglasses: Onsite Lab

Eyeglasses: Onsite Lab

Eyeglasses: Onsite Lab

Eyeglasses: Onsite Lab

Eyeglasses: Onsite Lab

Custom Optical Lenses for Eyeglasses in Less Time

People have relied on eyeglasses for dependable, convenient vision correction for generations. Today’s optical lenses are available in more varieties than ever to meet the precise needs of patients with a wide range of vision correction concerns. If you need to see an eye doctor for a vision correction evaluation, comprehensive eye exam, or optical lens prescription renewal, contact Primary EyeCare. Dr. Hoppe and Dr. Trettin are available to help patients assess their vision correction options.

Get New Glasses in Less Time

Primary EyeCare has an on-site finishing lab for optical lens edging and finishing so that your new glasses may be able to be prepared on the same day as your appointment. Some eye wear can be made same day thanks to our in-house technicians. (Lens fabrication varies entirely on prescription, many still need to be ordered and can take up to two weeks)

Having an on-site finishing lab reduces patient wait time, cuts down on communication errors between doctors and technicians, and provides greater oversight for the entire process.

Eyeglasses for Every Member of the Family

In addition to our in-house finishing lab, we also offer an extensive selection of beautiful frames at a wide range of price points to fit any budget. We carry frames for children, teens, and adults. Primary EyeCare stocks eyeglass frames from many popular brands, including:

  • Anna Klein

  • Betsy Johnson

  • Coach

  • Ducks Unlimited

  • Maui Jim Sunglasses

  • Michael Kors

  • Oakley

  • Ray Ban

  • Sperry

  • Vera Bradley

Optical lenses are available in many different varieties, too. Looking for safety glasses or lenses with ultra violet coatings? Need lenses with anti-glare for work? Primary EyeCare is your source for these and many other lens varieties, including anti-fog, bifocals, progressive, digital, and extra thin. Looking for something special? Just ask a member of our team.

Schedule an Eye Exam Today

Contact Primary EyeCare by calling (320) 587-4744 (Hutchinson), (320) 693-9333 (Litchfield) or (763) 777-9393 (Delano) to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoppe, Dr. Trettin or Dr. Marshall today!

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