Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Quality Contact Lenses in Your Neighborhood

Contact lenses provide convenient and comfortable vision correction to many Primary EyeCare patients. Today’s contacts are lighter, thinner, and easier to wear than ever. This vision correction solution is now available to patients with astigmatism, dry eye, and other eye conditions that in the past might have limited their access to contacts. Dr. Hoppe and Dr. Trettin conduct eye exams and vision evaluations for patients considering contact lenses or who need to renew their contact lens prescription.

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Contacts for Every Concern

Contacts offer clear, precise vision to patients with a wide range of vision and eye concerns. We offer a wide variety of contact lens variety in order to meet the needs of our valued patients. Options available from Primary EyeCare include:

  • Disposable contact lenses for monthly and daily wear

  • Bifocal contact lenses

  • Toric lenses for patients with astigmatism

  • Colored contact lenses

  • Extended wear lenses for day and night

  • Lenses designed for patients with dry eyes

  • Gas permeable/rigid contact lenses

  • Scleral Lenses

  • Specialty fit contacts

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Caring for Contact Lens Wearers

Contacts are an ideal form of vision correction for many people but using these items safely requires some guidance. Our staff will help new contact wearers get used to placing and removing contact lenses in a safe and hygienic manner. Some patients choose to purchase a backup pair of eyeglasses to provide vision correction if contacts are ever lost or damaged, or if a condition such as an eye infection disallows safe contact use.

Contacts for Nearly Every Vision Concern

Our doctors can develop solutions that address a range of eye and vision concerns. If you would like to explore what contacts can do for you, make an appointment with Dr. Hoppe and Dr. Trettin. Call Primary EyeCare at (320) 587-4744 (Hutchinson), (320) 693-9333 (Litchfield), (763) 777-9393 (Delano), or send us an appointment request online. A member of our office staff will contact you shortly to finalize your request.

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